Need not want not

Posted: August 30, 2016 in Uncategorized
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“It pays the bills.”  That is my canned statement when people ask about my profession. Something I do Monday – Friday at least nine hours a day.  I am asked if I enjoy my profession and I answer with “It pays the bills”. I know that this is not an answer and that it is not original. People have been deflecting questions concerning their professions with this answer for years.

Sometimes, it seems that, when someone is not satisfied with a profession they look for satisfaction through other means. The unsatisfied professional may jam as much recreation into their spare time as possible. They may work at building homes or become obsessive about a hobby, all because their 45 hours, they give away for money are not satisfying.

There was this utopia image I grew up seeing of the future. In the future robots would do our bidding and all the time we spent working would be spent thinking reading and living leisurely . This did not happen manual labor was replaced with other types of labor. The work hours have increased and happiness decreased.

What happened to a future that had satisfied professionals? It was traded away. Our generation gave away freedom and satisfaction in the work place for security.

Maybe we should revaluate the deal we made. Did our deal work out for us? If not maybe we should figure out a better deal and make it on our own terms.

Here is to getting a better deal… The best deal for you and maybe next time someone asks about your profession you can say something like ” I love it, we are doing some exciting stuff”







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