This Way and That

Posted: September 2, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Earlier this week I purchased a lock pick set and a practice lock. The practice lock is a see through padlock. You can watch the key as it slides into the keyhole push down the pins that keep the lock from turning. All the pins must get to the correct level before the key can turn. Once the key turns the pad lock will open. There are three ways to open a padlock, one is with a key, another is with a pick and tension bar, another is through the destruction of the lock.

I am getting better at using a lock pick. I enjoy the lock pick method of opening a lock because it involves approaching a problem from a different but same angle.  Different in that there is not a key but same in that the goal is to get all the pins at the same line and then turn.


There are a lot of ways to address issues. Some ways work better than others, some ways do not work at all, the best way to address an issue is obviously the best way for you.





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