A nice Trip

Posted: September 6, 2016 in Uncategorized
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My second oldest son is running cross country this year. I think he enjoys it and I like going to the meets. Cross country is a great sport. Running cross country requires conditioning  of  physical and mental type. I was driving out to the country last weekend to watch one of the events. the event was two and a half hours away from the home. The day was cooler out and I had the windows down. The event was far from an urban area and the ride there was scenic to say the least. As I was enjoying the trip, as if on cue, the song “Summer of 69” came on the radio and while I wasn’t born in 69 I took the opportunity to reminisce  I thought back to my youth fondly and I also found myself considering where I was now and thinking fondly. Music has this awesome ability we simply have to let it take us for a ride. I think life and silence has this ability to we need only be grateful and attentive and what we may realize is how wonderful and exciting life is, can and will be.  I encourage you today if you find yourself getting over whelmed or even if you are not overwhelmed,  to quiet yourself and listen to the songs that are playing and Enjoy the ride.





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