Partners opposed to Clients or employees or debtors

Posted: September 9, 2016 in Uncategorized
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I have never been one to respect a person’s position.  Watching and learning from my dad I was taught that all men and women were basically equal.  Know I have seen some pretty impressive actions by people and I respect the action but the person I respect no more or less than I respect myself. This attitude has made it impossible to kowtow to managers and executives at work and other institutes. I can usually tell which people enjoy the sycophants and undeserved loyalty pretty quickly and I know that my relationship with these people will not usually go well. Let me say that very few people I have meet in managerial positions or at executive level look forward to or welcome the servitude. Most are there to simply do a job and move on. They are less power hungry and more apathetic than anything else. In business most men and women simply do not care.

It is the apathy and the rapacious personalities that I would love to see totally disappear from the world both professional and personal. Did you know that the Aboriginals do not have a word for mine? I was told that by someone once, I am not sure if it was true and when I am finished with this post I may fact check it but imagine no sense of ownership.. It is kind of hard  to do. Imagine if everyone is a partner of some sorts. Imagine if a organization reaped rewards for the worst performance not the best and the organization could not terminate or sack anyone. Imagine the things that the human race could do. Today and this weekend you will run into other people I encourage you today to respect them no more or less than yourself look at them and understand that whether we accept it or not they are our partner.





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