That’s cool it’s falling into not out of

Posted: September 13, 2016 in Uncategorized

Everything is as it should be. Have you ever heard someone say this and think, man this person is off their rocker. Everything is all mixed up and it’s a crazy world how can everything be as it should be? That is a tough question to answer, not because I don’t think it is true but because when I answer it part of me is acknowledging that some pretty grim situations are things that should happen. So I guess the question is more a series of questions first being how should things be?

So I will ask you, How should things be? Should good things happen for everyone or do some deserve more good than others and are there some who deserve ill will? I mean there is a concept of Karma and harvesting good will by doing good and ill will by doing ill. Is the concept of Karma one that you accept believe in and practice and if so is there more evidence for Karma or against the concept?  So how should things be? Once you answer this question you can do things to create the system you feel there should be, but we live in a system that already exsists don’t we? I am not talking about the man made systems like economies and governments I am talking about nature physics and the world we live in. Because honestly the act of “making a living can be accomplished in many different ways we simply need to decide how we want to live. So how should things be for you? Should you live in a world in which everyone respects life? If you answered yes do you respect all life?

Everything is definitely how it should be because if it wasn’t everyone would be working to make it different right?





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