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Posted: September 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

I am listening to the book “Cat’s Cradle” by Kurt Vonnegut on a box of cd’s that I have borrowed from my local library and I have to say three things.

  1. The local library is a treasure and should be visited at least two or three times a month, There should always be money in the budget for the library and when one closes for lack of money it is a shame and the community suffers.
  2. Kurt Vonnegut was a genius.
  3. Ahh, here is where I would say that I am getting to the point of my post, however if you have read another one of my posts you would know that I do not believe in the concept of “points”. Now, don’t misunderstand me, I am not a nihilist I am simply practical and understand that points are pointless. Excuse my digressions, onto the matter at hand. The third thing I have to say is that; The United States is an example of a Granfallon or to put this in a different way yet say the same thing, the people in the United States are part of a Granfallon.

So I am listening to Cat’s Cradle and part of the book Cats Cradle is a theology that Kurt Vonnegut created for the book (remember what I wrote about genius?) So in the religion that Vonnegut created for the book Cat’s Cradle all the people in the world are part of a karass. A karass is a group of people that are cosmically linked in a significant manner, and a granfallon is a false karass created by man not god. So with election season in the United States at full swing and a push from Cats cradle suggesting that the United States is a granfallon I couldn’t help but agree.

People want and need to belong to something bigger than themselves and they want it so bad they will give up many things to get it. I am not anti American I love the American dream, life liberty and the pursuit of happiness but I just think that the idea of being an American or a patriot has been hijacked and made into something more and almost insidious. I have seen the political rhetoric surrounding issues like immigration racism and financial inequality and often the people acting and speaking insidiously do so under the cloak of being an American and the ideas of the policies they are promoting are far from Liberty, Equality and Happiness as you can get and they are fools and they want to lead this granfallon.  I try to stay away from politics but I just had to speak up and say that there should be deeper meaning to our relationships with each other that goes beyond an anthem or a flag.






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