How Much?

Posted: September 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

How much cash do you have on you? That was what my friend asked me this morning on the phone.  My answer was sad actually I think like 10 dollars. I am not broke yet his point was not to call me out on my poverty but on what he calls societies dependence on computers.

My friend is convinced that we rely to much on computers. He followed up his how much cas question with another. What would you do if you went to the money machines and they all quit working? I began to think about an answer and I really considered all the economic models in the world today or the lack of economic models in the civilized world.

Would I last in a trade and barter society. Could I survive if I had to grow my own food? I like to think I would. The idea of a agrarian type of society has some romanticism to it doesn’t it?  A great question from the man typing on his blog from his laptop. At times I yearn for a simpler time and then I wonder why. I mean mortality rates alone lead me to believe now is a far better time for humanity. What is it that draws us to a simpler time? I think it is the connections our ancestors had. Our ancestors were really “plugged in” they were intimate with each other and the environment in a way that a connected and at the same time disconnected society cannot help but envy. I am going to try and listen better and really plug myself in.





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