Do Amazing Stuff or just Stuff

Posted: September 20, 2016 in Uncategorized
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On my way into work I heard this awesome commercial on the radio for tires. I know right, tires it is so crazy but seriously the commercial really resonated with me so I stopped by Tire rack before work noooo not that much. But seriously, the commercial was awesome. See there is this voice of  this guy and he says something like “you with the truck loading it with groceries. Get out there and get new tires and do truck stuff. Drive up a mountain and plant a flag at the top. You know Truck stuff!” It is such a cool commercial.


There is this You tube channel called People are Amazing and the channel shows people performing some incredible stunts and I have to agree people are amazing. Guess what if you are reading this and you are not my friend Cassies dog you are a person and if you are Cassies dog, you are in so much trouble, you are on the couch and on her latop and oh bad bad Jax bad. Anyway you are a person and you are amazing and you should get out there and do amazing things. Climb a mountain and put a flag in it. Now imagine that with like a cool commanding voice. Huh see pretty awesome right?

But seriously do something amazing today to some people stuff except Jax you need to get off the couch and be a good boy.






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