Why Fridays are awesome and why they are not

Posted: September 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

Well first and foremost Friday is the start of the weekend and the weekend is great (for those of us who work jobs that are from Monday – Friday). The weekend belongs to the individual and not management.  Despite all the advancements of capitalism and the economy very few of us are able to work on our own terms and we still need to kowtow to management all week. Now on the weekend we can finally (within reason of course) cut loose. The weekend is time for recreation for most.

I had an English professor who, spent a 10 minute digression speaking about the word recreation. He mentioned (among other things about the word) how, when dissected the word meant to create again. The English professor was one of my favorite professors and during his digressions he often waxed philosophical.  He pointed out how a well balanced life need not build over again and I thought that this was an interesting take on the word recreation.

Some of my weeks are more balanced than  others. Some weeks I get to Friday and it is just another day and other weeks when management inflicts draconian style tactics on the organization I am so grateful and ready for Friday.

My wish for you is for more of the later weeks and obviously more Fridays than Mondays

Happy Friday everyone!!




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