I can’t hear you na na na

Posted: September 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

So, I am a pretty big comic book fan. My favorite all time comic book hero and story is the Amazing Spider Man. I really enjoy this work of art! Stan Lee and Steve Ditko are masters and The Amazing Spider Man is their Opus. Really I am a huge fan. Yesterday while reading a Stan Lee forward in an Amazing Spider Man graphic novel I learned that, Spider Man was almost never made.

Stan Lee said that he was told many reasons by many people why Spider Man would fail but he and Ditko did it anyways and oh man I am so glad they did.

It is easy to tear people down and tell them why they will never succeed (this is probably why so many people do it) but be careful you maybe that idiot who says something like Spider Man is a stupid idea or Trump could never win the republican nomination.

I encourage you today to not pay attention to the critics. If you are doing something good, dig in stick your fingers in your ears and say something like “na na na I cant hear you” and then be awesome!




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