On the Edge of Now and everything

Posted: September 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

There is a relatively new book out called “Now; The Physics of Time”. I am still plowing through the “new” Judy Blume book “In the Unlikely Event” (I am halfway through and absolutely loving this book too she hit it out of the ball park so far) so I haven’t even picked up the book “Now” by Robert Muller but I did read a critique and a treatment that outlined the why and how of the book by mr. Muller and now I have to read now (ha ha pun so intended).

The treatment says that, Roberts wife, knowing her husband was a physicist  asked him, if it was possible according to physics to time travel. Boom the book was born well actually, I think it was more like a big question lots of research and then boom the book was born.

So do you want to know Roberts answer? Well here’s a hint, we will not need to rebuild a Delorean. See the answer is no, but I think the book is worth reading because in the vein of Einstein Robert seems to answer that huge question that has really kept me up at night. What is time and what is now. I cannot speak to his answer because I have yet to read his book but it seems that now is now because of the expanding nature of the universe. Oh man isn’t that exciting? Are you excited or are you scratching your head wishing you had back the time you invested reading my post so far?

Ok Ok so I totally hate mansplaining and I am not going to do it but, without of course reading Bob’s book (hmm I don’t know Mr. Muller that well do I) without reading Mullers book I think what his theory is saying is that because physics tells us that the universe is expanding, we are stuck in that expansion and we can only move within the expansion. I am imaging a surfer riding a never ending wave. The surfer and everything we know can only really go with the flow (oh another great pun ok not great maybe just semi great).  So you maybe sad about not traveling through time but  you me everyone there every was and will be are on the edge of something big! That’s kind of cool for me to think about. I love the idea of dynamic energy and always moving and learning and know according to the book I haven’t read yet and an unproven theory (Muller plans to prove this theory in collaboration with the LIGOS lab, LIGOS discovered the existence of gravitational waves), I am learning that perhaps we are all dynamic forces of energy together moving through space and time towards something truly amazing. What will the amazing thing be? I don’t know but I am glad and lucky to be part of it and so should you.





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