The Shadow Knows

Posted: September 29, 2016 in Uncategorized

I make an hour commute one way everyday to come to work. Yes it is absolutely no fun but, it gives me time to listen to books on cd. Books on cd are pretty cool, not as much fun as reading but when I crack my book open on the staring wheel all the other drivers honk and scream and squeal tires so whatever.

I am about a third of the way through a Rollins Six Sigma book on cd called “The 6th Extinction”. This is my first Six Sigma book and so far it has been pretty good. In the book the reader mentions that one of the scientist has been studying the Shadow biosphere. I really liked the name of the shadow biosphere and I did some, really small amount mind you, research on the shadow biosphere. Best I can tell is that, the shadow biosphere is a hypothetical theory unproven and the theory is that a whole other type of life exists and are RNA based opposed to DNA based. Now the idea of the shadow biosphere has been criticized however there is evidence that at one time on earth organisms that were RNA based did exist.

I am no scientist but I do believe that pretty much anything is possible and that life and our world is pretty big. I like the idea of the shadow biosphere because, it is wide open and a great exercise in imagination.

You need a wide open world and a big imagination to get through life. So dream and imagine big everyone




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