The Fool

Posted: October 4, 2016 in Uncategorized

Last night I watched the film Now You See Me 2 and I loved the movie. I have for the longest time, been a huge fan of magic though and this may have something to do with the attraction to the movie.

What I enjoy most about magic is the ability to influence and seem to control perception others and your own. It is really cool!

This morning in the break room sipping coffee a work colleague spoke about a book she had read called, Think and act rich. Maybe that was the name of the book not sure but she spoke to the power of perception and attitude on life and ones finances and I totally agree.

When I was in middle school the teacher had a poster of a young man with wings on standing at the precipice of a cliff under the picture was the caption “Attitude equals Altitude”.

A positive, grateful and compassionate attitude for me has gone a very very long way and continues to do this. Today my desire for everyone is that; they have an unlimited amount of all three.





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