When is nothing more than Something?

Posted: October 12, 2016 in Uncategorized

Never. That’s the quick answer right? Nothing is never more than something except when it is. Oh man, there is never an easy answer for my blog posts. See if there was an easy answer the posts would be like, one or two lines long and then what would I do with all the spare time I have?

Have you ever worked really hard towards a goal and then been denied the goal? In other words, have you ever participated in youth sports? Ahh yes you work all season and then maybe you win the championship.

I remember loosing some championship games and I remember the good coaches saying something like “well guys this season was not for nothing.” Then the coach would remind us how much we learned and what a great time we had. You know he was right. Really he was.

Often we will not get what we want. You usually never get what you want the first time you try but what you get while seeking what you want can be more valuable than what you are trying to get. The only thing is that we need to see what we are getting. Sometimes we become myopic and super focused and miss out on some wonderful things.


and try to see the forest and the trees today



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