Just chill and Listen to Bach

Posted: October 18, 2016 in Uncategorized

Are you reading this post on a PC, laptop or tablet? If you answered yes tell me then, how many windows do you have open right now?

Crazy right? Modern “convinces”  of email and web access have become ancillary to the business process and more work is now done in fewer hours so with more work came the demand for well more work. We can feel like we are trapped in a hamster wheel at work. A hamster wheel that spins quicker with each rotation.

With work becoming more and more oppressive it can be easy to feel overwhelmed. Do yourself a favor, no don’t quit, the mortage needs to be paid but plkug in your headophnes and turn up some Bach.

Music is an amazing tool, when we listen to music our brains react in a wonderful way and Bach was a genius. Plug in and allow the music to take you to the country side, along the brooks and in the shade of the tree.

Do this today and know that you got this work thing.





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