Own It!!

Posted: October 20, 2016 in Uncategorized

“I often quote myself. It adds spice to my conversations” — George Bernard Shaw

Who are you? That is a huge question, a question we usually face and answer in adolescence. A question that comes at puberty. I always thought it  cruel of mother nature.  Your body is changing and now guess what? Now you need to define and discover who you are.

After puberty we hopefully discover who we are and spend our lives working on being the best us we can be but there may come a time in our adult lives when we look again at who we are and how other people see us. This can be good or bad.

I have some news for you, if you like who you are than don’t change. If you dislike who you are than you can still change and work on you. I heard someone say this once we should all be the people that our dogs think we are. If you’ve ever owned a dog than you know that; a dogs loyalty comes quickly and is tremendous they love seeing you and hate it when you leave.

You may have done some foul things and may have some trouble liking yourself well do yourself a favor and take advice from the champ.

“Service to others is the rent we pay for our time here on earth” — Muhammad Ali

If you like who you are and someone else doesn’t. Don’t sweat it. They will come around.







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