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Posted: October 28, 2016 in Uncategorized

Wednesday night I was getting ready to board my flight home from Cleveland when, I was asked by the clerk behind the bookstore counter if I had any books that she should suggest to her clients. I was just finishing up my read of the Judy Blume masterpiece “In the Unlikely Event”, and I made that suggestion. The clerk laughed a little and mentioned how she may not suggest that book due to its content. I laughed too.

So, in the book “In the Unlikely Event”, the author uses the town of Elizabeth New Jersey during the 1950s as her back drop for her stories and characters.  “Plane Crash City”, that is what Elizabeth NJ was called in 1951 and 1952. The city was named this because, three planes fell from the sky into the city in that short time frame.

The book was and is wonderful and I did finish reading it while traveling, by plane. This is a big deal for me considering my irrational fear of plane travel.

I know that air travel has a great safety record but I do feel fear almost every time I travel. Despite my fear of air travel I was able to truly enjoy the book.  At the end of the book (this is not a spoiler) the author mentions how life can be full of unlikely events and sometimes unlikely events can be good.  You know, The author has a wonderful point.

Unlikely Events will change and derail your world but honestly how great was the track you were on previously? The other thing is this; unlikely events are powerful and often unavoidable so acknowledgement and embracing the change from them is usually the best route to take.

I have to fly sometimes for work and when I do I can fret and worry or I can use the downtime to read a book and this time a masterpiece.




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