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Posted: November 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

So, let’s talk about hard work. Hard work can be tiring and satisfying, hard work has killed people before don’t believe someone when they say that hard work has never killed anyone. There is a mountain of evidence against those people who make that statement.

Hard work is also for me not a virtue. Both Socrates and Plato make mention of virtues and seem in their writings to define these as high moral standards. Now both seem to take pains to not explicitly define what is right or wrong but it seems that respect and sanctity for life derive what is and isn’t moral or virtuous. So, a virtue would be something that considers the sanctity of life and respects life and promotes life.

At times hard work can promote life and show respect but, there are other times when efficiency wins out over hard work for the promotion of life. I have heard the expressopm work smarter not harder tossed around quite a bit, but it makes sense to work efficiently. Efficient work has lead to an industrial revolution. Thanks to the industrial revolution many men and women have been pulled out of poverty and brought to a new normal which does not include starvation.

Hard work is not a virtue. Virtues are actions that promote everyone and at times hard work helps and there are times when hard work doesn’t help.

So what is the point? Well, I truly believe points are pointless but if I have to give you a point, I would say this do not be that person who brags about all their hard work. For starters self promoted stoicism does not look good and more importantly, hard work is not a virtue.





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