That’s not True

Posted: November 3, 2016 in Uncategorized

Travel with me to, San Francisco 1850. Are you there? Ok, let me describe it to you, the city was full of ships. I know what you are thinking, well maybe, but it is not that. Ships functioned as buildings in 1850 San Francisco.  Side walks where planks between ships. Business was conducted in ships.  The 1850 San Francisco was described as the pine Venice.


So, can you imagine 1850 San Francisco now?  Cool right? I think so too. As time went by the area between the ships was filled with everything. The water was displaced and the city grew.

I have been told “invest in land it is the one thing they cant make more of” but see that is not true. Land is being made every day. The term for building land is land reclamation, a term that makes no sense, but it is the accepted term in the industry.

See people need land to live on and people are amazing. I have not seen a problem that education and innovation cannot solve yet, even a lack of land.

When someone tells you that you can’t just close your eyes remember 1850 SF and know that, they are more than likely wrong.





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