The thing about Butterflies is….

Posted: November 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

So a caterpillar climbs up into a tree hangs upside down from a twig and creates a cocoon around its body. Lots of really bad things happen to the caterpillar inside this cocoon. It is very hard for the caterpillar, I mean it digests itself while in there! That’s just one step inside there to. Trust me it is very bad. Despite, the trouble inside that cocoon we all know what happens when the transformation is done. Yeah a beautiful butterfly!

Something interesting about caterpillars, cocoons and scientist is this; we cannot help the caterpillar through outside intervention. At least not yet. Every attempt by science to make the caterpillar more comfortable has resulted in the death of the cocooned beast.  In the rare case of a survival the butterfly lacks the strength to live (that’s why I said death).

Guess what? Yeah you my friend are like a caterpillar. You will have some tough times, hard times, trials that seem endless but when you get through, and you will, be sure to flap those beautiful wings and bask in the sunlight.





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