I just don’t Like You

Posted: November 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

In 1978 a year after I was born, Henry Ford II looked at the man who basically made the Ford Mustang possible and told him that he was getting fired, simply because he did not like him.

Lee Iacoa went on to be the CEO of Chrysler and do a stellar job. We don’t have to like the people we work for and chances are we often will not like the people we work for but, if the people we work for do not like us we could get fired. Don’t fear though if you are fired there are other jobs and opportunities. Lee Iacocas ties to Chrysler even after he stepped down as CEO definitely helped get that company a buyout from the US government.

You will come up against some people like Ford II and when that happens I suggest humbly bowing out and moving on, I mean it worked out for Lee.

Happy hump day





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