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I heard a doctor complain about something he called  hunch based medicine. After hearing his spiel it I would describe hunch based medicine as; Doctors treating patients with little information through heuristics as opposed to gaining as much information about their patient as they can and leaning on evidence. The doctor complaining about hunch based medicine pointed out that, in effort to avoid bad practices like hunch based medicine doctors need 5to “get to know their patients better”.  When the doctor said the words getting to know you I immediately thought about the musical The King and I.


The King and I is a musical based on the book Anna and the King of Siam. In the musical the main protagonist sings the song Getting to Know you. to the king of Siams children. Anna was recruited by the King of Siam to teach his children and she connects with them and becomes a part of the royal family.


Good teachers, doctors, plumbers, any profession really must focus on getting to know the people that they work for and with. Life is all about relationships and how we treat others and ourselves. I think we would do well at life altogether if we simply got to know each other a little better.






In contemporary western society most marriages involve an oath between two parties. Each mate in the ceremony promises to love honor and respect each other until one of them dies. An oath is a solemn promise that often invokes a divine witness. See oaths like marriage are wonderful and beautiful in theory but in practice, because we humans are; complicated, beautiful disasters things like oaths usually never work out the way they are intended. The chances are high that, within the lifetime of a marriage one mate will dishonor, disrespect and maybe even hate the other. The divorce rate in the United States,  as of 2014 is 3.2 per 1,000 people in the population, so that means there is a group who could not honor the oath of death to leave a marriage.

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The late supreme court justice Antonin Scalia, Judge Scalia was a textualist in statutory interpretation,  The  late judge opposed the idea of a Living Constitution, which is odd because, the constitution is a document full of amendments. See the constitution and marriage have something in common and that is people and people are complicated beautiful messes that change and evolve and if the constitution was not amended many laws and practices which are discriminatory and insidious would be legal within the United States.

Christian denominations are divided when it comes to Continuous revelations. Continuous revelations  is a theological belief or position that God continues to reveal divine principles or commandments to humanity. For the most part the Later day Saint denomination has embraced the position but not so much for the protestants, the Pentecostals and Quakers do not seem to take issue with this belief either. The thing is this religion, the constitution and religion all involve people (you know where I am going right) and people are beautiful complicated messes. We need to change and refine everything if we expect our institutions to survive.

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Me and you and everyone would do well to realize that, Socrates was right.

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”  –Socrates

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It is upon the realization that we know nothing that we should base our lives. If you know nothing all you can do is learn if you know everything there is nothing for you to learn. Always learn and change, always seek Continuous revelations that will in turn lead to continuos improvement and finally provide you with a rich full and amazing life.




Christmas is over, some of us have gone back to work and others are still out. The presents have all been given unwrapped and returned already.  I really hope that you had a wonderful Xmas, I did and not because I got or gave awesome gifts but because it was peaceful and I spent it with loved ones. Image result for what if serious scientific answers

I did receive awesome gifts though, one gift was a watch from my kids and the other was a book. I love to read and I began to read my gift this morning before work. The book is titled What If?

The book, is a compilation of scientific answers to absurd questions and so far the book is pretty cool. The questions make me think of the questions my children have asked me in the past. What if; the earth stopped spinning, I drained the oceans, the world was covered in trampolines. Children have this amazing questioning spirit full of possibility and hope.  It is child like wonder that I really believes is one of the most powerful tools. Maybe this new year we can all work together to recapture that childlike wonder.

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I think the first step to recapturing this wonder is, to understand that every question deserves but may not receive an answer. As adults we tend to dismiss foolish questions but, don’t we sell ourselves and the world short when we do this? I think so. I am not old or young but, I have seen what would be impossible happen, so anything and everything is possible and when we dismiss the possible we do indeed sell everyone short. In 2017 I would like to encourage everyone to question everything and attempt to answer all questions.

“To be more childlike, you don’t have to give up being an adult. The fully integrated person is capable of being both an adult and a child simultaneously. Recapture the childlike feelings of wide-eyed excitement, spontaneous appreciation, cutting loose, and being full of awe and wonder at this magnificent universe.” –Wayne Dyer





There is a stack of cards on my kitchen table currently on addressed. Now, I know Christmas was two days ago and I am late but, in my defense these are holiday cards, so being holiday cards I have a bout a week left before I get these to their intended recipients.

Holiday cards date back to over 100 years ago and every year many seem to prognostic about the future of the cards. If we can learn anything from precedent and history we have learned that, holiday cards are here to stay. Some are asking why?

Why send and receive holiday cards? Because, when you open the card and read the well wishes you feel good and reciprocity is a necessity.Image result for holiday cards



Now, you know about the table in my kitchen, let me tell you about the table in the lobby of the church I attend. The churches table is full of holiday cards from members to other members. One year I was feeling a little bit of the Xmas blues and my oldest son retrieved my stack of holiday cards and my spirits were lifted, ever since then holiday cards have had a special place in my heart.

A popular brand for holiday cards is Hallmark. Hallmarks founder Joyce C Hall got his start as a reseller of postcards. On Jan 11 1915 JC Halls warehouse and entire postcard inventory was destroyed in a fire. JC and his brother William received a loan and bought an engraving press.  This press was the beginning of the Hallmark corporation and really a North American Icon.

J. C. Hall at card displayJ.C. Hall took greeting cards out of drawers in retail stores, and into displays that let shoppers see all their choices, dramatically changing the way cards were merchandised.

I am grateful for; the tough years, the fire and the well wishes from awesome people in my holiday cards.

Happy holidays friends




This morning before leaving for work, I sat down and watched the movie Suicide Squad with my girlfriend. The movie received a measly 26% on Rotten Tomatoes but I loved the movie. I am a pretty big comic book fan though and I am sure that this love of comic books made me a little biased.

Will Smith, Margot Robbie and  Jared Leto do a wonderful job and even if you are not a huge comic book fan make the movie something worth watching. Comic book fans will love the cinematography though. Ever scene with the joker is a tableau that looks like it came right off the pages of a DC comic book.

Towards the end of the movie our main protagonist feels beaten and lost. Dead shot is the main protagonist. With movie magic timing the other protagonist pulls out a stack of letters from Dead Shots daughter. He tells Dead Shot that, his daughter has written him everyday since he was arrested.

What do we do everyday? I asked myself that question in the pivotal moment of the film. I came to the conclusion that, I do what matters most to me everyday. I mean, we may say that one thing matters more than all others but do we do this one thing everyday? If we don’t than our words are really not true.  Now, I am not saying that something doesn’t matter if we don’t do it everyday but I am saying that what we do everyday matters the most, gets the most attention and will be the most important thing in our life.

New Years is right around the corner. 5 days before we will began to make resolutions for 2017 and I would love to take this moment to encourage you, too engage in a systematic almost religious exercise that involves doing something daily about what matters the most to you.

I plan on doing this as well. At the end of 2017 we should get together and compare notes.




Finding that Place

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My mom and grandma were big yard sale fans. I remember waking on Saturday morning watching cartoons then hitting the road with my mom and grandma. Armed with a classified section of the Plain Dealer my mom, grandma, me and my sisters would visit house after house inspecting, hoping and finding treasures. I fondly remember the yard sale adventures more than any of the treasures but two treasures that really stuck with me were, two knick knacks that my mom displayed on our console tv set for years. The knick knacks were; a black glass jaguar and a thin brass sculpture of a stick man playing the piano. You could wind the stick man sculpture and listen to the music and I did. I once commented on how the Stick man should fear the Jaguar but, my mom let me know that “music soothed the savage beasts” so the stick man would be safe on the TV next to the Jaguar.

I am no longer a child and I have taken much solace and found soothing qualities from all kinds of music. One composers music that has brought me great joy and peace has been Bach. The Music of Bach is appreciated and used my millions worldwide. Bach brings us peace in times of turmoil and trial.

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Johann Sebastian Bach, led a life that seemed to be full of tragedy. Bachs mother died when he was nine years old and he lost a brother and sister early on in his childhood. His father died nine months later and Bach was an orphan. Bach grew up in the custody of his brother and was an organist in the local church. Bachs adult life did not spare him from tragedy either, Bach lost his wife while he was traveling with his then boss the duke and he lost many children as well. Bach was imprisoned for quitting a job. Despite all this tragedy Bach composed music that is transcendental in nature. Part of me believes that Bach’s music was a necessity for Bach and outlet for pain and tragedy and the fact that he shared it with the world speaks volumes to his character.

What do you do, besides listen to Bach, to escape the tragedies in life? Everyone has something that find transcendental and moving. Is it something you can share with others? Are you sharing it?  Your experience could be exactly what someone needs right now.

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Should it do that?

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If you are my one fan and read my blogs or social media posts then you don’t know I was disappointed in the results of the most recent United States election for president. My disappointment stems from a number of reasons, First and foremost would be the result himself. I am upset that a lot of my neighbors voted for a man who has been aptly described as deplorable. This deplorable character trait for me, is not debatable when it comes to the president elect. Donald trumps actions and rethoric  have been nothing short of deplorable.

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His plans for policy seem to be problematic for me and my children and I will never understand why anyone would vote for this man, but they did and now we will be forced to weather the storms with a foolish narcissistic brute at the helm.

If it is not evident, it should be now, I am not a trump fan, but many of my family and friends are.  They have their reasons for supporting this monster and initially I thought that I could understand these reasons.

I really love my family and friends. I love them because they are family and friends and because they are really good people. Mot all my family and friends would, give someone in need the jacket off their own back.

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Joe Biden was one of the youngest senators in the history of the senate and was elected to the senate six times. Joe went on to become the Vice President and therefore ran the Senate. Joe spent most of his professional life in the senate. Right now his is in the process of transitioning out of the senate and has been receiving thanks and praise from both democrats and republicans. One thing Joe mentioned when interviewed was that he always tried to maintain and instill respect for men and women based solely on the fact that they are men and women. Joe did not agree with many of the republicans ideologies and sensibilities but he did respect his fellow senators and this respect made Joe a success.

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I may never understand my family and friends political sensibilities and I don’t think that my love and respect for them will help me understand but I can and do respect and love them as people and I would never let something like politics get in the way of my realatioships with them.