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Posted: December 1, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Thanksgiving ended and Netflkx dropped, “Gilmore Girls a year in the life”. I binged the entire series in the matter of three days. No one should be surprised, see I watched the seven seasons in the same manner with my girlfriend. We binged them over a span of months not three days. Why did we do this? Well because the show is amazing and timeless. The writing is witty and clever and the cinematography is beautiful and no one on the show is a cop, doctor or vampire. The characters are people full of quirks and personality and feelings.

The story centers around three relationships. One is a relationship between a single mother and her daughter, another is the relationship between the mother daughter team and the small town they live in and finally there is the relationship between the mother daughter team and the mothers estranged parents.

The two protagonists are the mother daughter team and they have what can be described as flaws and shortcomings however to describe them this way is to do a disservice to the shows writers. The protagonists flaws and shortcomings, due in part because of great writing and acting, are actually, texture and character.

While watching the show and realizing this I began to think about life and my relationships and the characters in my life. See, it can be easy to pass judgment and we all do it but what if we framed our relationships differently?  What if every relationship we enter and engage in we do from a place of love? Would flaws and shortcomings become, texture and character? Would problems become opportunities and would we be better people?

I don’t know yet. I am going to try this starting like… now and then I will let you know.





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