Cooking and life

Posted: December 7, 2016 in Uncategorized
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Do I add sugar first, what is a dash how much is a pinch. Cooking should be fun, That’s what the cookbook author Mark Bittman has been preaching while selling his new book, “How to Bake Everything”.

While selling his book Mark was on an radio show and taking calls from all kinds of fans. The calls were all kinds of questions and the answer was pretty simple. Mark basically said try it and trust your stomach. He doesn’t want the chef to get lost in the details so much that cooking and baking becomes a chore and over complicated.

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As I was listening to Mark I thought about life and how over complicated things can get. I mean it is important to take care of ourselves and others and everything after that is a simple detail. How often do we allow ourselves to get swept up in the details and not enjoy life? Yeah it happens and I think it stems from worry over details that in the grand scheme are pretty inconsequential. I heard someone say this about details. If it is not something you think you will be concerned with at the end of your life it should not be of great concern now and you know what? The guy had a point. Now I am not suggesting we throw caution to the wind I am however simply suggesting that, we frame everything in the right perspective. Only donate time and worry that something truly warrants not overreact and always always stop and smell the roses





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