Better angels 

Posted: December 19, 2016 in Uncategorized

I grew up watching Saturday morning cartoons and I loved it. Flintstones, Scooby doo, Jetsons, Smurfs, GI Joe these are the icons that helped shape my childhood. I can’t remember the stories or plot points but, I know like with any good work, conflict pushed and pulled the cartoons through the morning. One major conflict within the Saturday morning cartoon was conflict with self.

Many protagonists faced doing the morally right thing versus the selfish, deceitful or immoral thing. The cartoons had, a wonderful way of representing this conflict. The cartoons would play out a whole scene in which angels and demons would stand on the characters shoulder. I loved this dialogue and scene.

A few weeks ago, I was listing to a radio show and I heard the host comment about, how his party would need to find some way to appeal to the sensibilities of a different party. The host mentioned that “his party would need to find a way to appeal to the other peoples, better angels.

The mention of better angels got me to thinking about my Saturday morning cartoons and the struggles faced by both me and Fred Flintstone. Fred had to choose between bowling with Barney or taking Wilma out to eat and I had to choose between taking candy or waiting until my dinner was complete and asking for it. As I have grown the conflicts have changed but, not that much. There is still a struggle on my shoulders.

We all deal with conflict, it is not avoiding it that makes us great it is how we deal with it.

Good luck with your conflict and know that you are not alone with your conflict and you can get through this conflict a better person, you know just like Fred did.






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