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I love to hear the stories about people’s strength. When, I speak of strength I mean the internal courage and commitment not physical attributes. I love to hear the stories about, people who have been up against the wall and dug their heels in. Hearing and seeing these stories has helped shape who I am.

I have seen and heard these stories from the point of view of both men and women. I grew up in a household and with a family in which the man and wife were both strong individuals. I may have grown up with a household where there was an equal partnership but, I am just now realizing that this is not, the shared experience of everyone. Some have grown up with misogynistic undertones and this is perpetuated in the work place and throughout society.

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As far as I am concerned there is no place in the modern workforce for gender based work and merit.

I have a daughter who just turned 16 years old and I know that she has strong male and female role models but I worry about what I have and am re-enforcing in her psyche. I encourage her to value her self but I can dote over her when she dresses like a princess, it’s part of the North American culture and there is nothing wrong with it as lobg as I continue to encourage and dote over her when she  participates in other activities as well, academics, sports etc.

What am I now and what have I been re-enforcing? I am afraid to face the answer but, I know what I will make a conciseness effort to dote over and re-enforce.

“Culture does not make people. People make culture. If it is true that the full humanity of women is not our culture, then we can and must make it our culture.”
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, We Should All Be Feminists


It is a goal as a father to ensure that, my children value themselves and become stories of strength for their children.





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