Xmas, hallmark and fire

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There is a stack of cards on my kitchen table currently on addressed. Now, I know Christmas was two days ago and I am late but, in my defense these are holiday cards, so being holiday cards I have a bout a week left before I get these to their intended recipients.

Holiday cards date back to over 100 years ago and every year many seem to prognostic about the future of the cards. If we can learn anything from precedent and history we have learned that, holiday cards are here to stay. Some are asking why?

Why send and receive holiday cards? Because, when you open the card and read the well wishes you feel good and reciprocity is a necessity.Image result for holiday cards



Now, you know about the table in my kitchen, let me tell you about the table in the lobby of the church I attend. The churches table is full of holiday cards from members to other members. One year I was feeling a little bit of the Xmas blues and my oldest son retrieved my stack of holiday cards and my spirits were lifted, ever since then holiday cards have had a special place in my heart.

A popular brand for holiday cards is Hallmark. Hallmarks founder Joyce C Hall got his start as a reseller of postcards. On Jan 11 1915 JC Halls warehouse and entire postcard inventory was destroyed in a fire. JC and his brother William received a loan and bought an engraving press.  This press was the beginning of the Hallmark corporation and really a North American Icon.

J. C. Hall at card displayJ.C. Hall took greeting cards out of drawers in retail stores, and into displays that let shoppers see all their choices, dramatically changing the way cards were merchandised.

I am grateful for; the tough years, the fire and the well wishes from awesome people in my holiday cards.

Happy holidays friends





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