Latter Day Saints, the Constitution and Divorce

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In contemporary western society most marriages involve an oath between two parties. Each mate in the ceremony promises to love honor and respect each other until one of them dies. An oath is a solemn promise that often invokes a divine witness. See oaths like marriage are wonderful and beautiful in theory but in practice, because we humans are; complicated, beautiful disasters things like oaths usually never work out the way they are intended. The chances are high that, within the lifetime of a marriage one mate will dishonor, disrespect and maybe even hate the other. The divorce rate in the United States,  as of 2014 is 3.2 per 1,000 people in the population, so that means there is a group who could not honor the oath of death to leave a marriage.

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The late supreme court justice Antonin Scalia, Judge Scalia was a textualist in statutory interpretation,  The  late judge opposed the idea of a Living Constitution, which is odd because, the constitution is a document full of amendments. See the constitution and marriage have something in common and that is people and people are complicated beautiful messes that change and evolve and if the constitution was not amended many laws and practices which are discriminatory and insidious would be legal within the United States.

Christian denominations are divided when it comes to Continuous revelations. Continuous revelations  is a theological belief or position that God continues to reveal divine principles or commandments to humanity. For the most part the Later day Saint denomination has embraced the position but not so much for the protestants, the Pentecostals and Quakers do not seem to take issue with this belief either. The thing is this religion, the constitution and religion all involve people (you know where I am going right) and people are beautiful complicated messes. We need to change and refine everything if we expect our institutions to survive.

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Me and you and everyone would do well to realize that, Socrates was right.

“I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that I know nothing.”  –Socrates

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It is upon the realization that we know nothing that we should base our lives. If you know nothing all you can do is learn if you know everything there is nothing for you to learn. Always learn and change, always seek Continuous revelations that will in turn lead to continuos improvement and finally provide you with a rich full and amazing life.





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