Gas lighting

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Gas lighting is a form of manipulation.  People have manipulated other people for centuries. I often imagine that Homo erectus, when it became capable of abstract though figured out a way to manipulate fellow hominoids and took many resources from the hominoids who worked harder. There are many forms of manipulation. Among the forms of manipulation we see; sympathy and guilt, Seduction (many psychologists agree that this is the most powerful manipulation), Overt intimidation, Outright Lying, Minimizing and Gas lighting. My list is far from complete there are many forms of manipulation, and Gas lighting is more of an hybrid manipulation in that, it uses denial and lying overtime to destabilize and delegitimize a target. The term gas lighting comes from a movie and play called Angel Street. In the play the husband convinced his wife that she was insane through manipulating small elements in her life over time including the gaslights.

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According to psych9ologists, gas lighting is a favorite way of manipulation for, narcissists and sociopaths. Watching how the United States presidential election cycle played out it seemed pretty apropos to discuss gas lighting. I watched men and women, whom are without reproach support a man that is full of guile, hate and overt bigotry. I truly believe some gas lighting has taken place on a national scale.

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I used to joke with a good friend of mine about politicians. I would tell my buddy that a good politician knows how to create a crisis and provide the world with their solution. A great politician creates a crisis sells a solution and when their solution fails spins the crisis so that it is everyone else’s fault.

How can we succeed as a country or an individual when things like gas lighting are happening and working? Well the answer is complicated but at its core I believe that one has to stick to their core values. Core values should prevent someone from working with a despicable person. The virtue ethics like deontology would have prevented someone from working with a despicable person. I understand that there is much room for debate within ethics but developing core values helps keep society from being Gas lighted.

It seems that maybe we as a whole have moved far from our parents core values.

What are your core values? What do they compel you to do and not do and are you following them?

I think knowing and answering these questions can keep us from being manipulated further than we already have been.





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