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Last year, I traveled to universal studio theme parks in Orlando Florida and I had a blast. If you have not been to the theme parks, I would advise you to make the trip.

The theme parks are full of amusement park rides and experiences that are almost indescribable. If you enjoy the Universal studios franchises than you will love the theme parks. The parks and the rides do a wonderful job of immersing you in the franchises.

One Universal franchise and theme park section is, the Wizarding world of Harry Potter. Prior to going to the parks I was not a Harry Potter fan but when I walked the streets of Diagon alley  and Knockturn Alley (  imaginary wizard streets brought to life by the theme park) I felt transformed. After walking through and riding a mine car in Gringotts ( an imaginary bank also brought to life by the theme park) and a broom stick at Hoggwarts (Hoggwarts is the imaginary wizard school), I was compelled to read the books.


I am almost halfway through the second book in the set and I am in love with this franchise. See the story arc (so far) follows the adventures of 11 year old and now 12 year old Harry Potter who is a wizard. Everything for Harry so far is mysterious, magical, sometime scary  and bigger than life. That is exactly, the feeling I had as an adult in the theme park.   As I read through and admired the writing of JK Rowling I was really struck at how well she captured the child experience.

To a child the world is big, mysterious, a little scary and should be magical. I have great parents who took pains to ensure that, my sisters and I were safe and had a truly magical childhood. My parents flamed our curiosities and encouraged us to engage in an effort to learn about the world around us.  It can be easy and tempting to simply dismiss children and tell them things like; “bee seen and not heard”, but to a child the world is way different than it is for an adult and it may help us as parents to keep this in mind during our interactions with our children.

Do you remember what it was like to, believe in magic and endless possibilities?  Sometimes as grownups we can become cynical and almost adopt a hopeless state of existence but we should not do this. Do yourself a favor and go to Universal Studios, before you make that trip read the Harry Potter books and while you are in the middle of the books go outside on a clear night and do some star gazing.

See? People, the world and the universe are big, mysterious,  a little scary and magical. Lets all do our best to cultivate the imagination of ourselves and all the children in our life for 2017




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