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I attend a small Baptist church in a small southern town. A big part of every Sunday service would be the Prayer request and Praise. So, the prayer request and praise portion of the Sunday morning service goes like this; an elder stands at the lectern with  list in hand. Members of the congregation raise hands and let the elder know about their needs and whether or not needs were answered. The elder updates the list then prays to God thanking God for meet needs and asking for intercession of un answered needs.

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Pray is a process that has become mystical and almost a fetish in most religions but if you ask any clergy in North America prayer is ancillary to the religious process and works on many levels one being psychological. Todays post is not to endorse prayer but I do endorse prayer and encourage you to engage in prayer and mindful meditation on a regular basis. Life is way to fast and distraction filled to not engage in this on a regular basis and expect to stay sane.

As part of the praise and prayer request part of service, the elder lead us into prayer and began said prayer with these words; “let us make others concerns our own.” I immediately felt like these words had some gravitas to them and I remembered the words of Lau Tzu

“From caring comes courage.” — Lao Tzu

Courage is so important. It is through courage that, rescues happen, revolutions succeed and progress moves forward. Without concern for, oneself and others I really do not see how courage can be cultivated so it is my prayer and hope that we all become concerned with the well being and happiness of ourselves and each other. This concern will cultivate courage and in turn action. This action will mend fences and heal the nation.

Lofty goals for a Monday right? Lofty goals, yes but, this has happened before and can happen again. Let’s make 2017 the year t the age of, unity, courage and action. It all starts by caring for yourself and your neighbor.





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