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I was listening to a radio show, and the host asked the guest how they felt after watching Natalie Portmans performance in the movie, Jackie. The guest said that he felt galvanized by Ms. Portmans performance. I haven’t seen the movie yet but from reviews and the talent of the crew I imagine it is a great flick. I will definitely check it out.

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The word galvanized really resonated with me, I thought about it for days after the interview. I considered the process of galvanization, how and what it does. Galvanization, is the process of applying a protective coating to some type of metal. The process is done with hot dipping or electro plating. The process is harsh fast but its ok steel doesn’t have feeling and when it is done the steel is protected.

Sometimes good art make us think about things that are harsh and electric in nature. Some movies and plays make us cringe but after it is over we have knowledge and knowledge is power and maybe a little bit of protection.





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