The thing about tha bad parts is.. 

Posted: January 17, 2017 in Uncategorized
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I like, no love life and people. Life has been and continues to be for me, an adventure. Everyday I try to learn something new and fail at something. I would love to meet new people everyday but I sometimes fail at this ( live in a rather small town) but when I do meet new people it is quite the learning experience people are different as much as we try to categorize people and box them up we find that this is simply an exercise of futility. People and life itself never fail to amaze and humble me. All that being said sometimes life and people stink.

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Bad things happen to us in our lives and people we trust and love do bad things and this stinks. See though life is gestalt. Life is comprised of good things and bad things and although the bad things stink they happen and some would say that we cannot have good without bad. This cannot have good without bad is a theological doctrine named privatio boni (that is Latin for absence of good(I think)).  Whether or not I agree to this doctrine would take quite a few blog posts to answer so let’s not do that. Let me say that I do agree that, there is more good than evil and good will always overtime win out and finally life and people have their bad parts and they are unavoidable and they are worth it in the end.





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