Water and fluidity

Posted: January 19, 2017 in Uncategorized
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I was writing a paper for a class on film and had to do some research into the Wachowskis. The duo created the Matrix franchise and directed all the movies in the Matrix franchise. I did not realize until I did my research that the Wachowsky brothers were now the Wachowsky sisters. Formerly Larry and Andy the two are now Lana and Lily. The duo are still the same people they have merely transitioned from the gender they were born with. Gender is fluid, identity to one gender or another is something that does not seem to be “hard coded”. Some are uncomfortable discussing this fluidity but they should not be. See as I get older I realize that almost all of life is fluid. Concepts that at once seemed “hardened” when studied and applied in practice to life become far more pliable and fluid. There was an author on a radio talk show discussing how language works and promoting his book. The book is, “Words on the Move: Why English Won’t – and Can’t – Sit Still (Like, Literally)” and the author is John McWorther. The book and the author explain how language is a changing and living thing and how when we correct someone about their use of the language we are often stopping progress. If everybody understands the word it is not the wrong word, this is how language works. Language is, as most systems are, fluid.

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When I think of fluidity I imagine water and a stream. The water moves in the stream towards the ocean. It changes course and cuts new paths but it is always moving towards the ocean. Humanity moves towards sublime perfection, we cut new paths, make new languages, systems but we are always moving toward enlightenment. puddles and ponds that are not moving towards the ocean dry up and evaporate. They disappear and eventually become part of the movement back to the ocean. I like to think it is the same way with society. Those who hate and resist things they do not understand will evaporate and go away only to be swept up again in the fluid motion. I want to be a positive part of the fluid nature of society and not a stagnant part.






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