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Posted: January 24, 2017 in Uncategorized
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Yesterday, I did not write a blog post. I wish that I could, honestly say that, I was involved in something really important and could not be torn away to write a post but that would be a lie. The truth is that, I simply forgot about writing a post. I really enjoy making a daily post on this blog. It is almost therapeutic for me. If you have read any of the posts you know that they are mostly the ramblings of a crazy person, so when I realized I forgot I began to wonder about forgetfulness and what causes it to happen. Why do we forget.

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Come on now you forget things too, appointments, meetings, medicine, kids at school we have all been there. Why does it happen. It seems that neuro-scientists also wonder about why humans forget or cannot recall things. The scientists have written studies about human brains and how memory works. One study was highlighted in a Scientific American article. The article is pretty interesting but I’ve forgotten most of it already, ha, I haven’t. The bottom line for me and this article was that, the human memory is amazing but we have trouble with the retrieval system. So it’s not my brain its me getting in the way of my brain. This kind of lines up with the benefits of entering meditative states and clearing ones mind and calming ones mind. Life can be overwhelming and when it gets this way we may have the tendency to forget things but we probably haven’t forgotten them we merely have to much “stuff” gong on and need to take some deep breaths clear our heads and then maybe we will remember what we believe we have forgotten.

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Breathing is important for our lives. If we don’t breath we cannot live that is why most meditations start with focusing on ones breathing.  Life is complicated, confusing and at times overwhelming but it is lived one breath at a time. If you began to feel overwhelmed confused complicated I would encourage you to, take some deep breaths and focus on the important things. If you find that the state of confusion does not go away you may need some medical attention and I encourage you to seek it. The stigma around medical attention for anxiety and depression is terrible and anyone who promotes it is awful. If you need help you should get it or if a family member or friend needs help you should encourage them while they seek it. Take time today and everyday to focus on what really matters and see how better you life can and will be.





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