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Posted: January 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

The words put in your place were used in a meeting. Of course the negative connotation associated with the idiom made me take pause. I believe the words “I had to put him in his place” were used and I did my best not to cringe at the words.

Usually the words “put in your place” mean to humble someone.  I think that humility is certainly a virtue worth pursuing  but it is a concern when someone works toward bringing humility on another person. See it is not often that we can make someone humble without exalting ones self.

If it is possible to put someone in their place while still exhibiting humility then there are no problems with putting someone in their place, but deontological ethics coupled with the virtues of Aristotle should prevent someone from harming another persons ego and pursuing anything less than humility.

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Pride is a powerful tool but it is also a very dangerous one.

 Hermann J Steinherr quotes 

For me a good rule of thumb is to, do no harm. Work hard to do good for anyone and everyone and stay humble and proud.





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