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A life of intentions

Posted: February 28, 2017 in Uncategorized

An intention is a plan or an aim for a person or thing and I am pro intention.  I make lists. Everyday I try to accomplish everything on my list and I would encourage everyone else to do the same. A list is good because it provides a tangible thing for some of the abstract parts of our lives. With a list a person can look back through the day, the week, the month and the year and see their success. Life should be one of intentions and successes and if we watch and listen closely we will find that it is.

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Everything’s a lot heavier

Posted: February 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

When astronauts get home from spending time in space they may find themselves a lot weaker than when they were before they left for space. Astronauts are weaker because of the effects of living in microgravity. There is an interesting story about this online. In the story, the writer mentions how much work the astronauts must go through to regain the strength they had before leaving the earth.

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See the human body is an amazing thing. People are amazing, in space the body changes and on earth the body changes the only caveat being, that it takes hard work and a resolute will to let the human body be amazing.

You will find yourself pushed into all kinds of situations and you will be able to succeed but not without some hard work and time. Sometimes it will be really really hard work and seem to be unending, take heart though there is an end and you will make it because people are amazing and you are a person, so you are amazing.



Better than concrete

Posted: February 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

Course Aggegate or rough rocks held together by liquid cement was introduced to the world 12 million years ago. Concrete has truly changed the world. With concrete society was able to build an infrastructure that was low maintenance. The low maintenance infrastructure gave people more time to devote to other pursuits. Besides being low maintenance concrete is also fire resistant. The material has many benefits but it is cold and hard.

Often writers have used the cold and concrete to describe the cruelness of the world. The world is both a place and a group of people. You are the world, I am the world, we are the world. The United States is the world, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, Africa, South America and Australia are the world.

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While I cannot influence where you are in the world I can influence my actions in the world. I can through my actions towards others make the world less cruel and cold like concrete. I can through compassion and concern make my small part of the world better than concrete and so can you.




Most useful useless thing ever

Posted: February 23, 2017 in Uncategorized

One of my favorite board games is Trivial Pursuit. The game, for people who live under a rock and don’t know, involves rolling a die and moving a piece across the board. After every move in the game Trivial Pursuit the player is asked a question. A correct answer awards the player with another roll of the die and with enough correct answers the player is rewarded with a win.

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The name trivial means small or vague in importance. While the questions asked and knowledge on display is trivial in nature but what society has learned is that, education is power and acquiring education is cognitive in nature.   Basically knowledge is built on more knowledge.

I have been accused of knowing useless information. I challenge people and am often quick to tell them that everything has a use and nothing is useless. We just have to keep this in mind in every interaction with every person. nothing is every useless even if we may think it is.




It’s a Living

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“What do you do for a living.” That was the question for me that i fielded with the response, “I just started pimping. ” I was young and the answer came as a result of the third time I was asked the same question.  The question was; “what do you do for a living?” I have always hated that question. The reason for my displeasure for this question is really two fold.

I am more than my job. My work may define me by its style and work ethic but the job does not. I have worked in many industries performing many duties and have always worked hard to, hold my head high, perform better than average and bring value to my customers. There is a reward in doing good work but I am more than my job and so are you.

Do not judge someone on anything other than their character. It is a huge mistake to make a snap judgement concerning someone and an even bigger mistake is judging someone based on the work they perform and where they perform it. I wonder how many millionaires mop or have mopped floors. There is this awesome Max Barry book called Company and in it the CEO of the company masquerades as a janitor. Don’t worry that tidbit is not a spoiler. Go read the book, it is amazing.

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Read the book and stop asking people what they do for a living. If you want to get to know someone ask them something like “how are you I am __insert your name here” and describe yourself to them. Chances are they will describe to you who they are and I bet the occupation will not always come up and if it does it will be a minor blip.




Raiders of the lost ark, that’s the movie. The movies plot involves an archaeologist / adventurer who is authorized in ww II to pursue the ark of the covenant, from the bible yes,  before the nazis find and open the ark. The nazis are seeking the Ark because of the potential power they will harness from the device.

I don’t want to be a spoiler but I will tell you that despite the efforts of Indiana in the movie ( Indiana is the name of adventurer), the plot is not moved or changed. What happens in the movie would or would not have happened.

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We are all born and we all live and we all die. No matter what we do this is what life is. Now some of us will devote our lives to one pursuit or another some will be all over the map but we will all be born live and die. See, despite what we believe life is very much like the Indiana Jones movie. I am not mentioning this in an effort to make you feel futile but to help you understand that; you and I and everyone would do well to embrace life, strap in and enjoy the ride. Obviously guide the rudder a little and keep yourself safe but never forget to maintain perspective and enjoy the ride.




A problem we should aspire towards

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This Sunday I read a story in New York Times. The story outlined a problem that the  Dutch have. It seems that the Dutch have too much space in their prisons. The Dutch have been looking for ways to use the open space in their prisons. Some of the prisons have been turned into housing units for refugees, obviously there were major retrofits done but, the units are nice for smaller families.

This problem is in stark contrast with the United States of America. Here in America some of the prisons are to full. I wonder why this is happening. It is no secret that, the United States justice system has been institutionally racist and has been known to arrest many African Americans. The justice department under the Obama administration has investigated states that seemed to be racist. It is my hope that the justice department under president Trump will continue to look into this. If the justice department does and makes policy changes this will go a long way to decreasing the prison population in the United States.

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Besides, ending racially motivated “justice” (or more aptly put Injustice), another way to decrease the prison population is through a stricter adherence to the law. Children are taught from the day they are born through watching the actions of their mentors. A mentor who conducts himself in a moral and ethical way is less likely to be imprisoned and children who see good mentors will grow up to be good.

There is a radio commercial that says “buckle up, because, little eyes are watching”. Today I would like to encourage us all to, be kind and act right because, little eyes are watching.