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Posted: February 1, 2017 in Uncategorized

New job, new schedule, new president and new year. The latter sentence properly describes last month for me.  I am currently in week one of a new job and working on fitting the new schedule for the new job into my routines that i have developed with my previous job and schedule. I am still working on making my new schedule a routine ( I was told that, it takes 3 weeks to develop a routine, so two and a half weeks to go). I tried to make my new job fit into my old schedule but, I came up with snake eyes. After my schedule rejection I fought the urge to resist change and began to do my best to embrace it.

See, change is inevitable and constant.  Change happens no matter how we feel about it, sometimes the change is in our favor and painless but often the change requires us to get out of our comfort zones and face some steep learning curves but, change comes no matter what and it is perpetual.

I am by no means a scientist or physicist but, I read my share of the popular science articles and listen to Star Talk. In the movie series and tv show Star Trek Scotty tells Kirk that “ye cannot change the laws of physics” but in reality the laws of physics are dependent on where and when you and I are in the time space continuum. See, even the laws of physics can and does change.

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The important thing is that we have a point or anchor in all the change. Physics is relative to the plane that your body exists on. Your body is yhe anchor when it comes to physics. In life with relationships and routines your morals, principles and actions should be your anchor. Never let a situation dictate your morals. Always take the “high road” and never miss the chance to help others. If you continue to adhere to this anchor a moral anchor maybe you will be the change.




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