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Posted: February 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

In my church Sunday school the teacher often uses an open dialogue as a tool to teach the lesson for that Sunday. In the baptist religion, and I am assuming many other western religions as well, the followers often craft their own ideology and method of following the tenets from the scared text in their day to day lives. Usually in my church I am the more progressive and liberal person and my applications do not always line up with the conservative and almost puritanical ones of many other class members. Not lining up makes for some interesting conversations in the class.

At my new job I was just rewarded with the employee handbook.  In the employee handbook there is a section that outlines the companies gossip policy. The policy does not only speak out against the act of gossip but it also outlines what gossip is. Gossip is for the handbook, basically any speech that is negative in nature with someone about someone who cannot solve the problem. Basically if your words do not help and are not positive they may be considered gossip.

In Sunday school my girlfriend works tirelessly to reign me in and one thing she always asks is “will this help and not hurt”. If I cannot answer yes she encourages me to not speak.

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I love this new tool she has given me. It has helped me in all social settings and I encourage you to use it as well. See everyone brings joy when they walk through a doorway, some on their way out and others on their way in. Be the one that brings joy when they come in.





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