Give me the boy

Posted: February 7, 2017 in Uncategorized

“Give me the boy until he is seven and I will give you the man”, this is a famous Jesuit priest quote,  often attributed to Francis Xavier.   The quote speaks to the age that psychologist call, the preoperational age. It is at this age or stage that children began to use language and symbols at high rates. The children will mimic, the actions of their father and mother figures. Children cannot engage in reversible logic or thought at this age. That means that, children can tell you what 3+3 is but they cannot work the problem backwards. It is at this age that children use magical thinking to explain why 3+3 = 6. This is important for educators and adults to know because it would be a fools errand to attempt to teach a 6,5 ,4 or even 7 year old algebra. To do algebra we must be able to engage in reversible logic.

I feel like dogma and theology requires a large amount of faith or logical thinking. In the bible, the religious text for Christianity, the leader Jesus of Nazareth explains that a believer must have a childlike way of approaching the kingdom of god.

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Faith is hard for adults because of our inability to reverse engineer faith.  We cannot apply logic to faith. Faith is bigger than logic.

Any government or body of people that plans to survive and be a perpetual entity should create a constitution. The constitution works as well as faith in that it is hard to understand or reckon with only applying logic. In a good constitution the rights of every human involved in the entities sphere of influence is protected and respected.

As we go about our day it would benefit us to employ a little bit of illogical thought in the form of ethics. Our ethics should dictate that we protect and respect every human being we are involved with.





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