Walls up

Posted: February 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

Life can be hard and unforgiving at times. Usually we get the lessons that teach us about the hardness of life later in our lives.  Most of us begin life with hope and promise. With a beginning full of hope and promise, you cannot help but become an optimist. I have been told that I am still an optimist and I am at a much later date in life. I however, think of myself as a pragmatic optimist. When one becomes familiar with the hard and unforgiving nature of life it can be necessary to put up walls that, will make the person less vulnerable. The walls we put up as adults, and unfortunately as children at times, I am thinking of children born and raised in war torn cities like Alleppo,  however adults and children as well put up walls to protect them from their vulnerabilities. The walls come in the form of skepticism, cynicism and often pessimism.

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I am familiar with some of the hard, unforgiving and dark parts of life and I have put up walls as well but my walls are less cynical, very skeptical and, according to others I am optimistic. I think that my optimism is born from an array of factors. Obviously there are genetic markers that make me an optimist, a nurturing aspect from my mother and father work towards cultivating my attitude and finally there is my quest for understanding and knowledge.

I had no control over my genetic makeup or the way my parents raised me, however I can educate myself. I can read and learn so much and so can you! Education is a powerful tool and highly accessible. If you finding you to put  yourself overly pessimistic, cynical or skeptical I encourage you to learn about the issues that are causing you to put up walls that hurt you more than help you. An education will make these high walls not necessary. Education is a great tool to deal with these walls as well as fear. As powerful as education is I would like to encourage individuals that suffer from crippling fear  or crippling pessimism that borders on depression to seek professional care.  The stigma around depression and psychological treatment is a terrible one that should not be used in any society. I encourage everyone to get help and an education, there is nothing wrong with getting help and an education.




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