I will not 

Posted: February 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

There is a podcast that is dedicated to the prolific, talented and phenomenal host Oprah. The Oprah show ran for the last time on May 25th 2011 but the impression the show has made on America and the world is almost perpetual.. prolific and perpetual. Now Oprah continues to work but the show is over. On the podcast Oprah explains her early days and the Oprah shows early days. There was a segment of the show where Oprah mentions how the show took a change. A guest on the Oprah show was a neo Nazi and they used the show to promote their agenda, after the show Oprah went to the executives and let them know that, she would not be used again to promote hate or negativity.

That was when Oprah feels, the show took a huge turn towards empowerment through positive energy. I love this idea of being a better you through positive movement and thoughts in spite of others negativity.

We are not talk show hosts or Oprah and therefore have little control over most of our lives but we can control our actions and thoughts and I encourage all of us today to make our thoughts and actions positive and moving towards the goal of being a better or the best version of ourselves, in spite of the negative forces around us.





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