A problem we should aspire towards

Posted: February 20, 2017 in Uncategorized

This Sunday I read a story in New York Times. The story outlined a problem that the  Dutch have. It seems that the Dutch have too much space in their prisons. The Dutch have been looking for ways to use the open space in their prisons. Some of the prisons have been turned into housing units for refugees, obviously there were major retrofits done but, the units are nice for smaller families.

This problem is in stark contrast with the United States of America. Here in America some of the prisons are to full. I wonder why this is happening. It is no secret that, the United States justice system has been institutionally racist and has been known to arrest many African Americans. The justice department under the Obama administration has investigated states that seemed to be racist. It is my hope that the justice department under president Trump will continue to look into this. If the justice department does and makes policy changes this will go a long way to decreasing the prison population in the United States.

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Besides, ending racially motivated “justice” (or more aptly put Injustice), another way to decrease the prison population is through a stricter adherence to the law. Children are taught from the day they are born through watching the actions of their mentors. A mentor who conducts himself in a moral and ethical way is less likely to be imprisoned and children who see good mentors will grow up to be good.

There is a radio commercial that says “buckle up, because, little eyes are watching”. Today I would like to encourage us all to, be kind and act right because, little eyes are watching.




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