It’s a Living

Posted: February 22, 2017 in Uncategorized

“What do you do for a living.” That was the question for me that i fielded with the response, “I just started pimping. ” I was young and the answer came as a result of the third time I was asked the same question.  The question was; “what do you do for a living?” I have always hated that question. The reason for my displeasure for this question is really two fold.

I am more than my job. My work may define me by its style and work ethic but the job does not. I have worked in many industries performing many duties and have always worked hard to, hold my head high, perform better than average and bring value to my customers. There is a reward in doing good work but I am more than my job and so are you.

Do not judge someone on anything other than their character. It is a huge mistake to make a snap judgement concerning someone and an even bigger mistake is judging someone based on the work they perform and where they perform it. I wonder how many millionaires mop or have mopped floors. There is this awesome Max Barry book called Company and in it the CEO of the company masquerades as a janitor. Don’t worry that tidbit is not a spoiler. Go read the book, it is amazing.

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Read the book and stop asking people what they do for a living. If you want to get to know someone ask them something like “how are you I am __insert your name here” and describe yourself to them. Chances are they will describe to you who they are and I bet the occupation will not always come up and if it does it will be a minor blip.





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