Better than concrete

Posted: February 24, 2017 in Uncategorized

Course Aggegate or rough rocks held together by liquid cement was introduced to the world 12 million years ago. Concrete has truly changed the world. With concrete society was able to build an infrastructure that was low maintenance. The low maintenance infrastructure gave people more time to devote to other pursuits. Besides being low maintenance concrete is also fire resistant. The material has many benefits but it is cold and hard.

Often writers have used the cold and concrete to describe the cruelness of the world. The world is both a place and a group of people. You are the world, I am the world, we are the world. The United States is the world, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, Africa, South America and Australia are the world.

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While I cannot influence where you are in the world I can influence my actions in the world. I can through my actions towards others make the world less cruel and cold like concrete. I can through compassion and concern make my small part of the world better than concrete and so can you.





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