Everything’s a lot heavier

Posted: February 27, 2017 in Uncategorized

When astronauts get home from spending time in space they may find themselves a lot weaker than when they were before they left for space. Astronauts are weaker because of the effects of living in microgravity. There is an interesting story about this online. In the story, the writer mentions how much work the astronauts must go through to regain the strength they had before leaving the earth.

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See the human body is an amazing thing. People are amazing, in space the body changes and on earth the body changes the only caveat being, that it takes hard work and a resolute will to let the human body be amazing.

You will find yourself pushed into all kinds of situations and you will be able to succeed but not without some hard work and time. Sometimes it will be really really hard work and seem to be unending, take heart though there is an end and you will make it because people are amazing and you are a person, so you are amazing.




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