The dogs all stopped

Posted: March 3, 2017 in Uncategorized

A man ran for president and won using words like “a law and order president”, “stop and firsk”, “urban decay” and “America First”. The words resonated with 62,979,879 however for many others the words were piercing and hurt the ears and hearts. Why is that? It is the same reason a dog whistle does not affect a person but can bring a dog to his knees.

There have been and still are two worlds and two United States of America. In one United States words like Stop and frisk, law and order urban decay, bring promise of cleaner and safer neighborhoods. In the other United states of America these words bring fear and for good reason.

See Ronald Reagan, ran a war on drugs that, was actually a war on African Americans. Urban decay, stop and frisk and law and order point back to a southern strategy employed by  Lee Atwater. Lee Atwater was a strategist for Ronald Reagan. He used the words forced bussing and states rights to hurt Afrcian Americans. Today republicans and Trump are using code words to deal with what Atwater called the racial problem. When people cringe at the words urban decay, stop and frisk, law and order it is not for lack of education it is for a complete education.

I am a firm believer in education. Understanding the history of the United States should prevent dog whistle politics. It is called dog whistle politics because, like with a dog whistle only a certain segment of the population can hear it and are affected by it.  The majority of people in the United States were not directly affected by the war on drugs and will not be affected by stop and frisk but the minority groups will suffer at the hands of the government.

Why mention this at all? I am mentioning it because, with a proper education I see no world where a candidate like Trump should be elected to office.





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