More than oatmeal

Posted: March 6, 2017 in Uncategorized

In 1901 four oat mills merged to create The Quaker Oats company. The company expanded intro numerous areas. I know of the Quaker Oats company, because of the iconic image of the Quaker on the cardboard tube.

Quaker Oats logo 2017.png

Every time I think of Quaker Oats I consider the Quakers. Another name for Quakers is friends. The Quakers are properly known as,  Religious Society of Friends. The Quakers believe that each individual has access to God of their own accord however should fellowship together and work for the greater good together. Theology aside the Quakers have made quite the impact on the world as a whole.

One thing I love about the Quakers is the motto, “Many hands makes the workload light”. Currently at work there is a big emphasis on the work and the fellowship of the company. I am doing my best to cultivate as a leader a fellowship of the employees.

I would encourage anyone in an organization to take on the Quaker motto and put in their hands with others to make the work light






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