Look ma no hands! 

Posted: March 14, 2017 in Uncategorized

Flying a king air C90 takes years of training, nerves of steel and a steady hand or just a shower cap connected to a computer that translates thoughts from the wearer to the plane. Yes, Jack Stewart, a writer for wired magazine flew an airplane without using his hands.


The video is amazing and the article, like almost everything in wired is great. I am a huge fan of Wired magazine, something that has and continues to attract me towards the magazine is the idea and philosophy that the magazine promotes. It seems that the magazine believes in the powerful of a connected and educated world.

The world is changing and it is happening at a rapid pace. In November of 2016 there was a presidential election in the United States. In debate after debate the presidential candidates argued about jobs in America. One thing I noticed about the debate was the absence of dialogue concerning 20 years in the future for the North American workforce.

See, the workforce is changing, the work we do is changing, the way we fly planes and operate machines is changing. One thing that should never change is that, society educates itself together for a common goal and that goal should be a better world for our children.

Take time today to work together to do good and learn as much as you can.







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