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Earlier today I was listening to a podcast concerning Jean mutations done in the lab. The total used to do these gene mutations is crisspr . The podcast of course had experts in genetic science and medical ethicists. Some terms I found very interesting were; genetically related children, germline and recombinant DNA.

Genetically related children was a term used by the scientist to describe children in a family that, are children from the act of fertilization of  a mothers egg from a father. Years ago people used the term biological children. The term genetically related is interesting because it outlines how people are made and maintained. It is through our genetic code passed onto us from our genetically related parents that we stay alive, but some people have and become parents that are not genetically related. The term parent is, a word to describe both caregiver and life provider. While genetically related parents may give life they are not always the ones who give care. Families are messy and complicated and can be confusing but if we do our best to extol love and respect families can and are powerful institutes that produce incredible men and women.


Germline  was a term used by the scientist to describe how, life gets established and passed down in a genetic sequence. See dna dictates what living animal we are and each animals dna evolves over time. The dna changes drastically at times, these drastic changes do things like, make species extinct or change species. Scientists can edit a dna sequence in a person and when that person dies so does that dna sequence but if scientists edit the dna in a fetus they can change the sequence of a species and this change to a germline is dangerous and advised to be avoided.  Sometimes though the change of the germline is unavoidable and happens. We hope the change is for good. In life the only thing constant is change, we need to hope and work for good change in our lives and do our best to accept the changes.

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Finally,   recombinant DNA was a term used by the scientist to describe dna that was artificially made. For one reason or another broken dna can and does enter life. Broken DNA causes problems in living organisms and with crisspr technology recombinant dna can be introduced into the organism to fix problems. In life we will face problems and we will use common ways to fix the problems but, depending on the problem we may need to think outside the box and introduce new ways. I encourage you to never not think outside the box.








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